December 27, 1991
Willie G. Sullivan (pictured) murders his former employer, Maurice Dodd (78), by bludgeoning him with a metal ice scoop, stabbing him 10 times, then crushing him by throwing a concrete block on his chest

The motive behind the murder was robbery, with Sullivan luring Dodd to his greenhouse where the killing took place. Sullivan then stole the money from Dodd’s pockets, entered Dodd’s home and took more money totaling around $300, then stole Dodd’s car which he later abandoned.

During trial and subsequent appeals, Sullivan’s defense team attempted to be granted leniency due to Sullivan having an IQ of 70 owing to being born with fetal alcohol syndrome. The courts did not side with Sullivan and he was executed by lethal injection on September 24, 1999.

Clipping from The News Journal (Wilmington, Delaware) Sept. 22, 1999

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