December 25, 2008
Port St. Lucie, Florida
Eryn Allegra smothers her 8-year-old before trying to commit suicide

Allegra had recently faced financial difficulties after losing her job and became depressed and suicidal. She planned to kill not only herself but also her 8-year-old son Tristan Michael Allegra, claiming she didn’t want to leave him behind with his father after she killed herself.

She and her son had a dinner out and stayed in a hotel. She gave Tristan 8 aspirin pills and allowed him to fall asleep before placing a pillow over his face to smother him. Once she was sure he had his pulse and breathing had stopped, Allegra attempted use a razor to slice her wrists and arms in the hotel room’s bathroom but was unsuccessful as the blades weren’t sharp enough. She then called 911 and was treated at a hospital for minor cuts. Police questioned her after she was released from the hospital and arrested her after she confessed to the murder.

During trial, Allegra pleaded guilty and received a life sentence plus 30 years.

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