December 24, 1933
Willoughby, Ohio
A young woman is killed by a passenger train and is eventually buried by the community who never knew her identity

The young woman, dressed in a blue dress, scarf, purse, shoes, hat, and coat, only had a ticket to Corry, Pennsylvania in her purse to suggest her identity. For two weeks after her death, some 3,000 people came to pay their respects to her and possibly identify her. She was buried, a headstone purchased by the community, and a sum of money put into a fund to ensure flowers were placed on her grave every year.

In 1993, an article was published in the city where the woman had died as well as the destination on her ticket. With the renewed interest in the story, a real estate agent named Ed Sekerak looked into court and tax records and identified the Girl in Blue as Josephine “Sophie” Klimczak, who was 22 at the time of her death. A foot stone was donated by a local business finally giving the Girl in Blue her name while keeping the legacy of her grave intact.

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