December 22, 2011
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Michael Plumadore murders and dismembers 9-year-old Aliahna Maroney-Lemmon

Plumadore had been a trusted friend of Aliahna’s family; he had been living with Aliahna’s grandfather, helping to care for the dying man. Aliahna’s mother, Tarah Souders, had moved into her father’s mobile park to help care for him as well. Tarah had been concerned with the park’s reputation (15 of the approximately 2 dozen residents were registered sex offenders), but her father convinced her the area was safe. He passed away approximately 3 weeks before Aliahna’s murder.

Aliahna and her two 6-year-old sisters were left in Plumadore’s care for a week before the killing, while their mother recuperated from the flu. On December 22, Plumadore bludgeoned Aliahna with a brick, used a hacksaw to dismember her body, placed her head, hands, and feet in his freezer, and discarded her other body parts in a gas station dumpster. Her sisters were unharmed.

Initially, Plumadore reported Aliahna was simply missing, possibly kidnapped in the night or, as had happened in the past, may have sleepwalked out of the home. However, inconsistencies with Plumadore’s statements lead investigators to focus on him and he eventually confessed. He pleaded guilty and was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. No motive for the murder has been reported.

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