December 20, 2006
Tonghua, Jilin Province, China
Shi Yuejun is executed for a murder spree which left 12+ dead and 4+ injured

Shi was a butcher by trade and attacked several people from September 24 until his capture (pictured) on September 29, 2006. According to China Daily, 13 were killed and 4 injured, though Taipei Times reported 12 deaths and 5 injuries; several of the deaths were from his attempt to evade capture.

Those who he targeted were ones he thought had wronged him in the past or their family, including a health inspector who had given him a poor report, the inspector’s parents and wife, a store owner who had declined to sell Shi’s meats, and a man who had paid him low wages among others.

A manhunt involving 14,000 people including residents, police, and militia. He was arrested in a cornfield, killing 3 and wounding 1 before his capture. He claimed his motivation was “revenge by the humiliations that he suffered by the society.”

Shi was convicted and sentenced to death in November 26, 2006, and was executed with a gunshot to the head less than a month later on December 20.

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