December 18, 1933
Nadine Earles (4) dies of pneumonia resulting from diphtheria

Nadine had requested a playhouse, and her father had planned on finishing it by Christmas. In the meantime, her family gave her a tea set as an early Christmas present, but Nadine was set upon the house and simply stated “me want it now.”

Nadine died on December 18, a week before Christmas, and her present instead became her mausoleum. The Earles hired a contractor to move and finish the house, complete with window panes, porch, and mailbox. The gravestone inside her house reads “Our darling little girl, Sweetest in the world, Little Nadine Earles, ‘Me want it now'” and the interior was filled with her toys and other precious possessions.

When Nadine’s parents passed away, they were buried in Nadine’s “front yard.”

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