December 16, 2014
Peshawar, Pakistan
Tehrik-i-Taliban militants attack the Army Public School, killing 141

The militants attacked the school with the intent to kill as many students, who ranged in age from 8 to 18, as possible. The fired at children assembled in the auditorium training in first aid and killed teachers and Principal Tahira Qazi in front of the students before firing on the children. Emergency medical services and military police worked to cut off any possible exit routes for the murderers.

Of the 1,099 students and teachers in attendance during the massacre, 132 students and 9 school staff were killed, and 114 were injured.

The seven attackers, all wearing suicide bomb vests, were all killed by snipers or commandos retaking the school. A further 4 who were also responsible for the attack but not present burying the massacre were hanged in 2015 after a suspension of the death penalty in Pakistan was lifted.

Photo credit: Fayaz Aziz/Reuters

Photo credit: Zohra Bensmra/Reuters

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