December 15, 1890
South Dakota
Hunkpapa Lakota holy man and leader Sitting Bull is killed at the Standing Rock reservation

Sitting Bull had previously been in attendance during the Ghost Dance Movement, a religious movement encouraging the revitalization of Native culture and religion in the face of forced assimilation of Native people by the government. Sitting Bull did not participate in the dance, but as he allowed the dancers into his camp he was considered an instigator.

A group of Indian agency police officers were tasked with arresting Sitting Bull, but he and his wife stalled for time and caused a disturbance to bring help from others in the camp. A scuffle broke out with many men being shot. The casualties included 8 police officers, 8 Natives including Sitting Bull, and 2 horses.

Sitting Bull’s body taken to Fort Yates and buried but was later exhumed in 1953 and buried at his birthplace of Mobridge, SD.

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