December 14, 2012
Wenshu Township, Guangshan County, Henan, China
Min Yingjun (36) stabs 23 children and an elderly woman, though none of the victims were mortally wounded

Yingjun first visited the home of the elderly woman who lived next to the Chenpeng Village Primary School. He stole a knife from her home, attacked her with it, and fled towards the school. Yingjun targeted the children as they entered the school, stabbing and slashing at them. The victims mostly suffered head injuries, though Xinhua reported some children had their ears or fingers severed.

Yingjun was apprehended at the school and transferred to police custody. The motive behind the attack has been implied to be related to Yingjun’s long history of epileptic seizures and was possibly influenced by the 2012 doomsday phenomenon (the belief that an ancient Mayan calendar prophesied the world would end on December 21, 2012).

I can find no information regarding Yingjun’s punishment.

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