Executions · Famous Last Words · Texas

FLW: those who only know hatred and blood love will never be satisfied

Famous Last Words
Robert Atworth
December 14, 1999

“Well, first, My people, you guys have heard everything I needed to say today. I hope I said the right things. I hope you heard me. And I hope you go beyond here and do what you need to do, do the right thing. Strength in numbers. Look out for each other. You still got a chance with Shawn. Edwin you know what you gotta do. You have my love. It’s the right thing. And for everybody else, those people who have malice in their heart, allow ambitions to over ride what they know. Be right. Even though they just gotta do their job. For all of you with hatred in their veins, and think this is ashamed. You’ve done nothing. I did this, I chose this, you’ve done nothing. Remember this, if all you know is hatred, if all you know is blood love, you’ll never be satisfied. For everybody out there that is like that and knows nothing but negative, kiss my proud white Irish ass. I’m ready Warden, send me home.”

Atworth posed as an off-duty police officer and approached his victim, Thomas Carlson, at an intersection. Carlson had been having difficulty with his heart and was headed to the hospital when approached. Details between the initial contact and the body being found are sparse, but Carlson’s body was later found between 2 dumpsters behind a health club. He was shot in the head, torso, and groin, stabbed in the abdomen and chin, and his ring finger was removed to steal a ring he was wearing. The severed finger was later found in Atworth’s freezer during investigations. Atworth was executed by lethal injection December 14, 1999.

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