Colorado · Massacres/Mass Murder · Workplace Violence

1993 Chuck E Cheese murders

December 14, 1993
Aurora, Colorado
Nathan Dunlap visits his former place of employment, shoots 5 former co-workers killing 4, and robs the store of $1,500

Dunlap had recently been fired from Chuck E Cheese. Intent on revenge, he visited the restaurant at approximately 9:00pm. He stayed until 9:50 then hid in a bathroom until after closing, emerging around 10:05.

Armed with a .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol, Dunlap first shot Sylvia Crowell (19) in the right ear as she cleaned the salad bar. Ben Grant (19) was shot in the left eye while vacuuming. Colleen O’Connor (17) was shot in the top of the head after falling to her knees and pleading for her life. Bobby Stephens (20) was shot in the jaw while unloading the dishwasher and played dead which saved his life. Marge Kohlberg (50) was shot in one ear after she opened the safe for Dunlap. She was then shot again in the other ear when Dunlap noticed her moving. He then took $1,500 from the safe as well as some game tokens and fled. He was arrested at his mother’s home 5 hours later.

Dunlap was sentenced to death in 1996 though he was given a temporary reprieve in 2013.

The murders have been speculated by some, including MatPat from The Game Theorists, to be the inspiration behind the jump-scare game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s.

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