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FLW: surgeon notes the stopping of his own pulse

Famous Last Words Joseph Henry Green Monken Hadley, London Borough of Barnet, England December 13, 1863 "Stopped." Green, an accomplished surgeon, had been suffering from gout and, as a result, experienced an acute seizure on November 1. On December 13, as he was checking his pulse, he stated simply that it had stopped and expired… Continue reading FLW: surgeon notes the stopping of his own pulse

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5 children drown during sledding accident

December 13, 1874 Wayne, New Jersey Five of the nine Dotterweich children died while sledding on an icy pond According to Preakness and the Preakness Reformed Church, Passaic County, New Jersey: A History by George Warne Labaw, 6 of the children (Caroline, 16; Augusta, 14; Maggie, 13; John, 11; Philip, 9; and Barbara, 6) decided… Continue reading 5 children drown during sledding accident

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Happy birthday, Steve Buscemi

Born December 13, 1957 Buscemi has starred in Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, an episode of Tales from the Crypt (pictured), Reservoir Dogs, Monsters Inc and Monsters University, Hotel Transylvania, Igor, Monster House, Fargo, Escape from L.A., Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and as the brutal serial killer Garland "The Marietta Mangler" Greene in… Continue reading Happy birthday, Steve Buscemi


Man murders second son for money

December 13, 1984 Missouri Dr. John Dale Cavanes shoots and kills his 22-year-old son by shooting him twice in the head Dr. Cavanes was facing debt and murdered his son Sean for the $148,000 his life insurance claim would bring. During the investigation it was revealed another son, Mark (22), was killed during an "accident"… Continue reading Man murders second son for money