Crime Scene Photography · Minnesota · Political

Murder of a journalist

December 9, 1935
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Walter Liggett is shot to death in front of his wife and children

Liggett was a journalist crusading against corrupt politicians and organized crime. On December 9, with his wife and children in a car mere inches away, he was gunned down by a Thompson submachine gun, sometimes referred to as a Tommy gun and a weapon of choice for gangs during the era. Mrs. Liggett reported seeing the face of her husband’s murderer stating she’d never forget the look on his face. She and several other witnesses picked Isadore Blumenfeld, a mobster who allegedly offered Liggett a bribe to discontinue his reports of gang activities, out of a lineup.

Despite several witnesses positively identifying Blumenfeld, he was acquitted and no other suspect was charged with Liggett’s murder. Blumenfeld died in 1981 at the age of 80.

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