December 3, 2009
Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
Jane LeMarsh, driving a car with her daughter (12) and grandchildren (Tyler Bernard, 10; Taiya Talbot, 6; pictured), steers into river in Wallaceburg, Ontario, killing her grandchildren

LeMarsh had picked up her grandchildren from her daughter’s house to get Christmas presents. For reasons unknown, she made a sudden U-turn from the road and headed for a river embankment. She made no attempts to stop or steer to avoid the river though the time it took to reach it gave ample opportunity. Once in the water, she freed herself and exited the car while her daughter attempted to free Taiya who was seated next to her. She struggled until she couldn’t hold her breath any more and narrowly escaped the sinking vehicle with her own life.

At trial, LeMarsh pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain. The bargain reduced her charge to second-degree murder from first-degree and removed the charge of attempted murder of her daughter. The second-degree murder charge carries an automatic life sentence which she is currently serving, though she has the possibility of parole after 10 years.

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