South Carolina

12-year-old shoots grandparents, burns house to ground

November 28, 2001 Chester, South Carolina 12-year-old Christopher Pittman (pictured) shoots both of his paternal grandparents to death, sets fire to their house, and steals their car and $33 Pittman had recently moved in with his grandparents after he experienced extreme depression and threatened to commit suicide in front of his sister. Originally, Pittman was… Continue reading 12-year-old shoots grandparents, burns house to ground

Serial Killers · Wisconsin

Jeffrey Dahmer killed

November 28, 1994 Portage, Wisconsin Serial killer, rapist, cannibal, and necrophile Jeffrey Dahmer is murdered in jail by another inmate Dahmer and 2 other inmates, Jesse Anderson and Christopher Scarver, were tasked with cleaning the jail's showers. Scarver attacked both men with a 20-inch metal bar, causing extensive head injuries. Both were found alive, though… Continue reading Jeffrey Dahmer killed

Disasters · Massachusetts

Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire

November 28, 1942 Boston, Massachusetts A fire overtakes the Cocoanut Grove nightclub, killing 492 The club was packed beyond capacity, which was authorized to house 460 people at most. At some point during the night, a young man unscrewed a lightbulb in a corner of the nightclub to kiss his date with some privacy. A… Continue reading Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire