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“Incarnation of Jesus” runs over crowd of people on Thanksgiving

November 27, 1980 Reno, Nevada Priscilla Ford runs over a crowd of people in her car, killing 6 and wounding 23 Ford, a schoolteacher with an IQ of 140, claimed she ran over her victims as retribution for her daughter being placed in a foster home in 1973 following Ford's arrest for trespassing. During trial… Continue reading “Incarnation of Jesus” runs over crowd of people on Thanksgiving


The murder of Sian Kingi

November 27, 1987 Tinbeerwah, Queensland, Australia Sian Kingi (12, pictured) is kidnapped, raped, strangled, and stabbed to death Kingi was abducted when Barrie Watts and then-wife Valmae Beck persuaded her into their van under the false pretense of looking for a lost poodle. She was driven 12km (approximately 7.5 miles) to a remote area where… Continue reading The murder of Sian Kingi