Ireland · Political

The brutal murders of two IRA brothers

November 26, 1920
Shanaglish, Ireland
Brothers Pat (29) and Harry Loughnane (22) are beaten, murdered, burned, and hastily buried by Black and Tans (colloquial term for the Royal Irish Constabulary Special Reserve)

The Loughnanes were members of the IRA (the Irish Republican Army, an army who used guerrilla warfare tactics against British forces in Ireland) and as well as of the Sinn Féin party (a left-wing or center-left party).

On November 26, the brothers were arrested by Black and Tans, beaten, tied to each other and dragged behind a truck, and finally shot late in the evening they were arrested. On the 28th, their bodies were burned in an attempt to destroy them. When this plan failed, the bodies were to be buried, but as the area had rocky terrain the burial failed as well. Finally their bodies were dumped in a remote muddy pond and covered with old oil to conceal their bodies further.

The brothers’ bodies were discovered 10 days later and a local doctor examined their remains. He noted the letters “I.V.” had been carved from the charred flesh in numerous places, two of Harry’s fingers were missing, Harry’s right arm was hanging from the shoulder, Pat’s wrists and legs were broken, and injuries to the brothers’ faces were similar to what the doctor believed to be grenades placed in their mouths and then exploded.

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