Executions · Religion · Singapore

Toa Payoh ritual murderers executed

November 25, 1988
Changi, Singapore
Adrian Lim (left) and his 2 wives (Tan Mui Choo, middle; and Hoe Kah Hong, right) are executed for the murder of 2 children

Lim was a spiritual guru con artist, peddling fake cures and offering sex to his clientele to heal them. One such client and later “holy wife,” Tan Mui Choo, was also pimped out as a prostitute by Lim. Hoe Kah Hong was brought into the family when Lim used electroshock therapy which “accidentally” killed the husband.

Lim’s con game came to an end when he drugged and raped another client who then threatened him with blackmail and reported him when he didn’t pay enough. To escape police investigation, Lim decided to sacrifice children to the goddess Kali. In two weeks, the couple abducted and killed a 9-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy. The girl was held down by the wives as Lim raped her before smothering her with pillows and covering the walls of their apartment with her blood; they also reportedly drank the child’s blood for good measure. The boy met the same fate though he was not raped. Police followed a literal trail of blood to the family’s apartment and arrested them the day after the boy’s murder.

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