Mother drowns 5 children in bathtub (1965)

November 22, 1965
Aiea, Hawaii
Maggie Young drowns her children in a bathtub

Young first drowned her girls, Jessica (8 months), Jeanette (2), Judith (3), and Janice (5) before pulling her son, James Jr. (8) out of school and drowning him in the same way. She then placed her children’s nude, wet bodies on 2 twin beds, the girls on one and James on the other. She confessed immediately and was found not fit to stand trial. While committed to a state mental facility, she escaped to a chicken shed on hospital grounds and hanged herself on July 25, 1966.

James Young Sr. e-mailed the Star-Bulletin in 2001 following Andrea Yates being charged with drowning her children in a bathtub. He wrote: “Since I am the father of those Aiea children, I feel compelled to do what I can to help this woman who is a victim of postpartum depression and the terrible feeling of inadequacy she must have felt — the same feelings my late wife must have felt. Behavior signs we all recognized in hindsight. Medical science needs to recognize this condition earlier and help the mother before it develops into paranoid schizophrenia, as it did in the case of Maggie.”

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