Mother drowns 5 children in bathtub (1965)

November 22, 1965 Aiea, Hawaii Maggie Young drowns her children in a bathtub Young first drowned her girls, Jessica (8 months), Jeanette (2), Judith (3), and Janice (5) before pulling her son, James Jr. (8) out of school and drowning him in the same way. She then placed her children's nude, wet bodies on 2… Continue reading Mother drowns 5 children in bathtub (1965)

Famous Last Words · New York

FLW: lyricist feels he had lived for nothing

Famous Last Words Lorenz Hart New York, New York November 22, 1943 "What have I lived for?" Hart was a lyricist who wrote numerous hit songs including "Blue Moon" and "My Funny Valentine." Hart wrestled with depression, alcoholism, and homosexuality during an era that was merciless towards gay people, and the death of his mother… Continue reading FLW: lyricist feels he had lived for nothing

North Carolina

Death of Blackbeard the pirate

November 22, 1718 Ocracoke, Province of North Carolina Edward Teach, best known as Blackbeard, is killed in battle Blackbeard's ship had been overtaken by the Royal Navy led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard. The pirates were out-trained and slightly out-numbered and so were doomed from the start. After an intense fight between Blackbeard and Maynard, including… Continue reading Death of Blackbeard the pirate