Colorado · Massacres/Mass Murder

Columbine Mine massacre

November 21, 1927
Serene, Colorado
Police fire into a crowd of unarmed strikers during the Columbine Mine massacre

The strike had been going for 5 weeks when 500 miners, accompanied by their wives and children, rallied at the mine’s gate. Rangers, mine guards, and other men dressed in civilian attire while carrying firearms and tear gas met them at the gate. After shouting from both sides, tear gas was shot into the group; some strikers attempted to throw the gas canisters back. American flags were ripped from the hands of some of the strikers and their families, and many were injured by authorities.

The head of the Rangers, Louis Scherf, fired over the heads of the miners as they attempted to advance through the gate. Scherf’s men in turn fired into the crowd, leaving 12 on the ground either dead or seriously injured. In total, 6 were killed as a direct result of the shooting, including the man pictured. No one from either side was arrested.

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