November 19, 1945

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Eloise Kennedy is murdered in her apartment 

Kennedy was found with 11 stab wounds to her abdomen and her slacks torn apart. Louis Young, an inmate who worked as a handyman for the prison warden, was cleaning the home of New Mexico State Police Chief Frank Young the day of the murder. Chief Young’s home was a short distance from Kennedy’s and a butcher knife found at the scene of the murder came from Chief Young’s home. Louis Young was questioned and confessed to the murder, claiming he had his sexual advances spurned by Kennedy so he killed her. He later recanted the confession, saying he was coerced into making the statement. 

He was convicted due to the allegedly forced confession and minor circumstantial evidence, and civil rights activists at the time believed he was chosen as a scapegoat because of his race and previous criminal record. Despite the activists efforts, Young was executed June 13, 1947. 

Clipping: The Orlando Sentinel, Aug. 31 1952

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