Pregnant woman and her older children murdered by a couple wanting to take the baby the woman was carrying

November 16, 1995
Addison, Illinois
Fedell Caffey, Jacqueline Williams, and Lavern Ward break into the home of Debra Evans, killing Debra and her older children Samantha and Joshua

Caffey and Williams wanted a baby and targeted Evans who was 9 months pregnant at the time of the attack. Evans and Ward, the father of her unborn baby and her youngest son, Jordan, had been arguing recently, which likely added to the reasoning behind the attack.

They shot and stabbed Debra (28) and Samantha (10) to death in their home before cutting Debra’s fetus from her womb with a pair of scissors. They took her oldest son, Joshua (7) with them but left 2-year-old Jordan alone in the apartment with the bodies of his mother and sister as he was too young to be a good witness. The day after the murders, Joshua’s body was found in an alley. When Caffey and Williams were apprehended, the newborn, Eli, was found alive.

Caffey and Williams are serving life terms as their death sentences were commuted when the death penalty was abolished in Illinois. Ward was handed a life sentence originally and is serving his term as well. Eli and Jordan thankfully have no firsthand recollection of the events.

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