November 15, 1944
Los Angeles, California
Virginia Lee Griffin is found by a hotel maid after being murdered and mutilated by Otto Stephen Wilson

Warning: graphic images

On November 14, Griffin and Wilson went to a hotel room with the intention of sex. As soon as she was undressed, Wilson struck Griffin then choked her to death on the bed. He dragged her body to the floor and mutilated her body, cutting her from throat to vagina, pulling her entrails from her body, removing a breast, and nearly severing an arm and a leg. In the morning, Wilson checked out and politely informed hotel staff that his “wife” was still sleeping and asked them not to disturb her. A maid found Griffin’s broken body later in the day.

After watching a movie, Wilson picked up another woman, Lillian Johnson, again with the false pretense of paying Johnson for sex, just 3 blocks from the first murder. He murdered Johnson and mutilated her as well, though less severely. Descriptions of Wilson from both hotels helped police arrest him soon, and his fingerprints at the scene sealed his fate. During questioning, he mentioned to police his first wife left him because of a curious sadistic fetish: he would creep up on her while she was nude and slash at her buttocks, kissing and licking the blood and wounds as he apologized.

Wilson was executed in the gas chamber on September 20, 1946.

The body of Virginia Lee Griffin

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