November 15, 1944
Ushuaia, Argentina
Serial killer Cayetano Santos Godino, nicknamed Petiso Orejudo (translation: “big-eared midget” or “macrotous runt”), dies in prison

Godino began his life of crime at very early, killing cats and birds before he was 7 when he graduated to beating a 2-year-old and throwing him in a ditch. A year later he beat a neighborhood child with a rock, and when he was 10 his mother turned him over to police for compulsive masturbation (which was illegal) and he served a 2 month sentence.

In 1912, he began a violence spree involving arson and various attacks. His victims were:

  • January 26, 1912: Arturo Laurona, 13, murdered in an abandoned house
  • March 7, 1912: Reyna Vainicoff, 5 (Godino set fire to her dress. She died of her burns a few days later.)
  • November 8, 1912: Roberto Russo, 8, survived after being choked
  • November 16, 1912: Carmen Ghittoni, 3, survived an unspecified assault
  • November 20, 1912: Carolina Neolener, 2, attempted kidnapping
  • December 3, 1912: Jesualdo Giordano, 18 months old (Godino lured him away with candy, failed to strangle child with belt, succeeded at killing child by hammering a nail into his skull.)

Godino was seen by Jesualdo’s father shortly before the toddler’s death and was arrested the day after the murder. He remained in prison until his death in 1944, and was not well liked by fellow inmates. He would try to beat them and, in 1933, killed a cat living in the prison and threw its corpse on a fire. The other inmates were enraged as they considered the cat to be like a prison mascot and beat him so severely he was hospitalized for 20 days.

In 1944, he was found dead in his cell. Godino’s official cause of death is listed as internal bleeding from gastritis, though some suspected he died of internal bleeding following a beating.

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