November 14, 1958
Salt Lake City, Utah
Lilly Gray dies; officially, the death is recorded as natural causes, though her grave marker indicates she was a “victim of the beast 666”

Lily’s grave has long been an object of intrigue, for numerous reasons. Her name on the stone reads “Lilly” while church records spell her name as “Lily,” for example. Additionally, in official documents, her birthday is listed as June 4, 1880 rather than June 6, 1881 as the stone suggests. And, of course, there’s the matter of the claim she was a “victim of the beast 666.”

Lily married her husband Elmer Lewis Grey late in life when she was 72. Elmer was the one to order her gravestone, and he both did not get along with his wife’s family (they kept him from her during her final days) and seemed to suffer from some sort of mental illness (he claimed 5 Democrat officials kidnapped him and unlawfully kept him imprisoned in jail for 10 years). Elmer also claimed in 1947 that his parents “died of grief when kidnappers murdered my wife.”

Elmer’s strong anti-government sentiments lead many to believe the inscription on his wife’s headstone is either referring to the government as the Anti-Christ, or possibly his wife’s family for keeping him from her during her last moments on earth. Of course, other theories exist that are a bit more outlandish, including the idea that Lily was involved with Aleister Crowley’s following in Salt Lake, though she moved there 3 years after Crowley died, or that she died on the infamous Route 666. (The Route, nicknamed The Devil’s Highway both because of the number assigned to it and the high number of fatalities on it, has been re-designated to Route 491 to pacify those who objected to the number 666 and to prevent further theft of signs, and has undergone several constructions to make the road considerably safer.)

Scan from Utah Division of Archives and Records Service

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