November 10, 1985
Allenstown, New Hampshire
The first two bodies of murder victims are found stuffed in a steel drum in Bear Brook State Park

The first victims, an adult woman and a young girl, were found by a hunter. Their bodies were wrapped in plastic and autopsies revealed they had died from blunt force trauma. The girl’s approximated age is between 5 to 11. Two more bodies were discovered on May 9, 2000, both victims being young girls; one was around 2-4 years old and the other between 1-3. It is estimated the victims died between 1977 and 1985. DNA showed the woman and the girl she was dumped with were related maternally, meaning she was either the mother, older sister, or aunt of the girl.

In 2017, DNA evidence linked the middle child victim to a man named Terrence Peder Rasmussen, showing she was the man’s daughter. He left his original family (his son from his marriage provided the DNA to link him to the 2-4 year old victim) in 1974. He later changed his name to Robert Evans and remarried to a chemist named Eunsoon Jun whom he killed and dismembered in 2002. He died in prison in 2010 for Jun’s murder and is considered the most likely suspect in the Bear Brook murders.

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