Germany · Serial Killers

Birth of a pedophiliac sadistic serial killer

November 6, 1946

Essen, Germany

Serial pedophile sadist and murderer Jürgen Bartsch (born Karl-Heinz Sadrozinski) is born

Bartsch was born to a unwed mother who died when he was just 5-months-old. He was adopted less than a year later, but the placement was unfortunate: his adoptive mother insisted on bathing him well past childhood (up until the day of his arrest, in fact, when he was 19), and the priest of the family’s church molested Bartsch and would tell him tales of medieval sadism.

At the age of 15, he killed his first victim, an 8-year-old boy. During his career, he killed 3 others between the ages of 12 and 13. His signature included luring the boys to a mine, forcing them to undress, molesting them, mutilating their genitals, beating or strangling them to death, dismembering their bodies, removing organs from their body cavities, and plucking out their eyes. At least one boy showed signs of a failed attempt at anal rape. His plan was to slaughter a child alive, slowly killing them by removing flesh and organs. Thankfully, he was never able to accomplish this.

The end of his crimes came when he carelessly left a boy alone who used a candle to burn his bindings. Bartsch was arrested and sentenced to life in prison as post-War Germany had abolished the death penalty. His sentence was further reduced when court psychiatrists showed his actions were based on sexual impulse and beyond his control, bringing his sentence to only 10 years including time-served. In 1976, shortly before his scheduled release, he voluntarily requested surgical castration. He did not survive the operation due to heart failure from an overdose of Halothane, an anesthetic.

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