From the Chicago Daily Tribune
Published November 1, 1938
Bogota, Columbia
Chicago, Illinois

A man stole cash and liquor after lighting a stick of “dynamite” in his mouth. The dynamite was actually a roll of paper used to scare employees and patrons from the establishment.

A dummy was thrown under a car’s tires in a prank to scare motorists.

Some boys and young men involved in a “prank” in which a fence was torn down, the most recent in a string of vandalism which also included breaking windows, stealing lights, and puncturing tires, ended when the frustrated owner fired blindly at the perpetrators, striking a 22-year-old near the kidneys and a 17-year-old in the spine. The younger was injured enough he may not have survived the shooting.

A riot began after police attempted to disperse approximately 300 Halloween celebrants gathered in an intersection.

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