Teen beaten and stabbed to death by golf club

October 30, 1975
Greenwich, Connecticut
Martha Moxley (15) is killed, bludgeoned with a golf club so violently the club shatters before she is stabbed with the remaining pieces of the club

One of the prime suspects in the murder was Michael Skakel (15 at the time), nephew of Ethel Skakel Kennedy, who was present at a party where Moxley was last seen alive. Skakel allegedly confessed to two students at a troubled youths shelter that he had murdered Moxley and bragged “I’m going to get away with murder. I’m a Kennedy.”

While attention was placed on Skakel as well as a live-in tutor for the Skakel family hired hours before the murder, the case stagnated and eventually went cold. However, in 2000, enough evidence was found against Skakel that prosecutors felt comfortable arresting him. He was tried as an adult despite being a juvenile at the time of the murder, convicted, and sentenced to 20 years to life. In 2013, Skakel was granted a retrial and released on $1.2 million bail. In 2016, at the conclusion of his second trial, his previous conviction was reinstated.

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