October 29, 1993
Paris, France
Three boys, aged between 8 and 10, murder a homeless man and throw his body down a well

According to the boys, they had befriended 2 other homeless men and had been bringing them food and supplies. The men got in an argument with the victim who they claimed burned down the pair’s shelter. The men asked the boys to kill the other man which they did by kicking and clubbing the man to death, then stripped his body and threw him down a well where he was discovered the next day.

Because of France’s law pertaining to criminals under the age of 13, the boys were questioned but released into the care of their parents. The case against them also did not proceed, again owing to their age. One of the men responsible for the death was held accountable, though I could not find his sentence.

Article: The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, Australia) Nov. 30 1993

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