California · Serial Killers

The Zodiac Killer sends a Halloween card

October 27, 1970 San Francisco, California The Zodiac sends a Halloween card to the Chronicle's Paul Avery The card contains 2 references to the number of victims the Zodiac had claimed to have accumulated at that time, the number 14 on one skeleton's hand and 4-teen above the other's head. In addition, a cross made… Continue reading The Zodiac Killer sends a Halloween card

Maine · Newspaper clippings · Religion

Man murders young girl in oven during exorcism

October 27, 1984 Auburn, Maine John Lane, allegedly under the impression his girlfriend's 4-year-old daughter was a demon, locks her in an oven and burns her to death Lane claimed that he believed Angela Palmer was a demon, that she changed color and appearance, and called herself Lucifer. Lane also claimed he believed Angela's mother… Continue reading Man murders young girl in oven during exorcism

Executions · Massachusetts · Religion

The Boston Martyrs are executed

October 27, 1659 Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony Marmaduke Stevenson and William Robinson are hanged for being Quakers, a violation of a religious banishment sentenced upon them Stevenson and Robinson were two of three of the Boston Martyrs; the third, Mary Dyer was executed by hanging on June 1, 1660. Stevenson's Last Words were "This day… Continue reading The Boston Martyrs are executed