Teenager brutally murders, rapes, and mutilates a mother in her home

October 26, 1979
Amarillo, Texas
Jay Kelly Pinkerton (17) rapes, murders, and mutilates Sarah Donn Lawrence (30) as her children slept down the hallway

Sarah was murdered between 9:30 and 11:30 pm while her husband David was away. He found Sarah’s body between the coffee table and sofa, the lower half of her body was nude, and the knife wound in her throat had blood still oozing from it. David also noted a large Bowie knife which had been displayed in the master bedroom was missing and was considered to be the murder weapon.

Five months after Sarah Lawrence’s murder on April 9, 1980, Pinkerton raped and killed Sherry Welsh, a crime which was tied to him due to bite marks he left in the flesh of her breasts. Both victims had been stabbed approximately 30 times.

John Alley, a fellow inmate, testified against Pinkerton who he claimed made several admissions of guilt to Alley during their 6 months together in jail. He stated the reason for testifying was because “I have got a little three-year-old girl and pretty little wife and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit there and see somebody like that go free after he bragged for six months that he done it and it might be my wife or my daughter next time.” A portion of the testimony was as follows (WARNING: the intimate details of the crime may be graphic to some readers):

Q. What did he say to you specifically, sir, do you recall?

A. The first thing that I ever heard him say was that he cut her tits off and set them on the television and he started laughing about it and that was it.

Q. Did he say he had done anything else concerning the killing of Sarah Donn Lawrence?

A. Do you want the whole gruesome details of it?

Q. Yes, sir I wish you would tell the jury.

A. Sexually assaulted her.

Q. Is that what he said in those words sir?

A. Well, I’ll get to it.

Q. All right.

A. He cut her stomach open and fucked her in the wound until he cum and [then] he slashed her throat and he cut her breasts off.

Pinkerton was found guilty and sentenced to death which was carried out by lethal injection on May 15, 1986.

One thought on “Teenager brutally murders, rapes, and mutilates a mother in her home

  1. I am against the death penalty but if this was my sister or friend that these despicable acts happened to, would I feel the same? These were heinous actions by a teenager. I still don’t think murders by teens should be eligible for the death penalty. Although he would have still known right from wrong and it wasn’t a solitary murder. Beyond my comprehension what leads a teen to this.


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