New Hampshire · Serial Killers

Teen raped, murdered by grand-uncle

October 25, 1872 Northwood, New Hampshire 13-year-old Georgianna Lovering is raped and murdered by her great-uncle Franklin Evans was staying with his sister and her husband in Northwood at the same time the couple's granddaughter was visiting. During this time, Evans made "improper advances" on his teenaged grandniece. He also set up traps in the… Continue reading Teen raped, murdered by grand-uncle

Executions · Famous Last Words · Louisiana

FLW: dying with his comrades

Famous Last Words Jean-Baptiste Noyan New Orleans, Louisiana October 25, 1769 "With my comrades I fought! With them I die!" Noyan and 4 other leaders of a revolt attempting to prevent Louisiana from being handed over to Spain, were sentenced to death for treason. Noyan, the nephew of the founder of New Orleans, was granted… Continue reading FLW: dying with his comrades

Newspaper clippings · Wisconsin

15-year-old abducted by “sex maniac”

From the Chicago Sunday Tribune Published October 25, 1959 La Crosse, Wisconsin The article describes a 6 year old unsolved case, which a 15-year-old seemed to have been abducted by a "sex maniac." On October 24, 1953, Evelyn Hartley had been babysitting a 20-month-old girl the night of her disappearance. Her father called when Evelyn… Continue reading 15-year-old abducted by “sex maniac”

Executions · Iran

Executed for killing man who allegedly attempted to rape her

October 25, 2014 Karaj, Iran Reyhaneh Jabbari (ریحانه جباری) is hanged for murder In 2007, Jabbari, who was an interior decorator, met with Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi for a business meeting. During this meeting, Sarbandi allegedly attempted to rape Jabbari who stabbed the man with a pocket knife and fled, leaving her attacker to bleed to… Continue reading Executed for killing man who allegedly attempted to rape her