October 24, 1977
Soviet Union
Anatoly Biryukov (Анатолий Бирюков) is apprehended following a failed abduction of an infant

Biryukov had previously abducted and murdered 5 infants. The first was taken on September 16, 1977 from an unattended stroller momentarily left in front of a baby formula store. The baby’s body was found in an apartment building’s hallway on the same street the abduction took place. The second occurred 3 days later. A 3-month-old was taken from in front of another store. Her body was discovered on October 17, discarded in a landfill and showing signs of sexual assault. Before his capture, 3 more murdered children with similar abductions happened in the area and have been attributed to Biryukov.

On October 24, Biryukov attempted to kidnap another child, but citizens prevented the abduction and chased him. He was described to authorities and arrested shortly afterwards. Biryukov was convicted and sentenced to death in 1978, and executed by firing squad on February 24, 1979.

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