Russia · Serial Killers

“Baby hunter” arrested

October 24, 1977 Soviet Union Anatoly Biryukov (Анатолий Бирюков) is apprehended following a failed abduction of an infant Biryukov had previously abducted and murdered 5 infants. The first was taken on September 16, 1977 from an unattended stroller momentarily left in front of a baby formula store. The baby's body was found in an apartment… Continue reading “Baby hunter” arrested

Executions · Famous Last Words · Missouri

FLW: does not forgive those who convicted him

Famous Last Words Stephen Johns St. Louis, Missouri October 24, 2001 "Missouri and its agents have killed innocent men in the past. I guess they think it's just part of doing business. I have, over the past many years, heard many "last words" of those killed by the State and its citizens. They range from… Continue reading FLW: does not forgive those who convicted him

Czech Republic

Astronomer dies from refusal to urinate

October 24, 1601 Prague, Habsburg Bohemia, Holy Roman Empire (now Czech Republic) Astronomer and nobleman Tycho Brahe dies following a ruptured bladder, reportedly suffered when he politely refused to excuse himself during a banquet When Brahe was around 20 years old, he quarreled with another man on two occasions, the second of which ended in… Continue reading Astronomer dies from refusal to urinate