Man stabs wife, cuts unborn child from her

October 23, 2012
Walker, Louisiana
Jeffrey Reynolds attacks his pregnant wife and unborn child after smoking synthetic marijuana

Reynolds had ordered the (at the time) legal synthetic marijuana from the Internet which he blames for his violent outburst. He attempted to light one flavor but found it too damp and mixed it with another flavor. “I am pretty sure that this is the combination that caused this terrible tragedy. My memory is very sketchy regarding what took place as soon as I inhaled the smoke. I remember being extremely affraid (sic) for my life and wanting to call 911. I thought I could move things with my mind and thought I was some sort of supernatural being. I had what seemed like hundreds of thoughts in my mind at once and felt outside my body.”

While high, he attacked his pregnant wife with a paring knife, stabbing her in the throat and abdomen. He cut their unborn son from her as well, though the child was still attached by the umbilical cord when responders arrived at the scene. The responders swaddled the boy, but he had already died by the time they arrived.

Originally, Reynolds attempted a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity but withdrew the plea before trial to take a plea deal. He pleaded no contest for attempted second-degree murder of his now ex-wife and first-degree feticide of Baby Isaac. With the plea deal, a charge of assaulting a police officer was dropped. He was sentenced to 15 years for the attack on his wife and 20 for feticide with the sentenced to run concurrently.

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