Alabama · Arkansas · Illinois · New York · Newspaper clippings

Clippings: child bitten by medicine peddler’s coyote; bootlegger refuses to name killer; 3 men killed over $2

From the Chicago Daily Tribune
October 23, 1929

A woman confessed to numerous murders in New York, including that of Arnold Rothstein, a bootlegger and racketeer whose murder is still unsolved. (He refused to name his killer on his deathbed, stating “You stick to your trade. I’ll stick to mine.”) The woman was brought to an asylum after her outlandish confessions.

A coyote escaped a traveling medicine show, bit a 3-year-old, and was shot by police. (Medicine shows peddled “miracle cures” and snake oils, often claiming some sort of Native American mysticism which is likely why they had a coyote in the first place.)

A young woman killed a man when she refused his advances, ordered her to leave her home, and insulted her. It was determined the homicide was justifiable.

A shootout occurred after $2 (about $27 in 2016) went missing. Three died and 1 was wounded in the gunfight, witnessed by two small children.

A man confessed to the murder of a woman while “under the influence of bootleg whiskey” but pleaded not guilty at trial. He eventually was found guilty and executed in the electric chair in 1931.

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