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Clippings of tragedies and crimes

From the Chicago Daily Tribune Published October 22, 1925 Budapest, Hungary Decatur, Illinois Negaunee, Michigan Gray, Georgia Tulsa, Oklahoma Two deputies fought so violently one nearly has his ears torn off. A 35-year-old woman died of fright after seeing her car on fire. A 14-year-old boy lost in a blizzard died while a 17-year-old survived… Continue reading Clippings of tragedies and crimes

New York

Teenager’s apparent suicide, impaled on flagpole

October 22, 1976 Buffalo, New York Bobby Jackson (19) dies after being impaled by a flagpole Officially, Jackson's death was ruled as a suicide. He jumped from the 28th story of Buffalo City Hall, intent on dying from the 250 foot drop. It was suggested a gust of wind changed his intended trajectory to the… Continue reading Teenager’s apparent suicide, impaled on flagpole