Illinois · Newspaper clippings

Collection of clippings: botched illegal abortion leads to death; a disembodied ghostly voice; man shoots wife, daughter, self over coal prices; a family’s tragedy

From the Chicago Daily Tribune
Published October 20, 1918
Chicago, Illinois
Evanston, Illinois

A woman died as the result of an abortion, a practice which had recently (relatively) become illegal. I could find no mention of if the doctor involved was arrested for the death and/or the illegal abortion. Another source notes the woman was a 20-year-old Russian immigrant.

Neighbors heard the cries of a ghostly voice complaining of the cold. Upon investigation, the voice was discovered to belong to a parrot.

A man, upset with his wife for paying too much for coal, shot and killed his wife, shot his daughter through the abdomen, then shot himself in the head.

A family suffered great tragedy as the mother and 4 small children were inflicted with influenza. The father left to get medical assistance but was robbed and possibly killed while out. The couple’s 3-year-old was unable to survive the disease and his tiny body was still in the home when police were informed of the husband’s absence. The family had no money for the funeral of the child, nor for the possible funeral of the father, and could not afford medical care for the 4 remaining family members battling the flu.

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