France · Illinois · Massachusetts · New York · Newspaper clippings · Pennsylvania

Various articles of crime, death, and misfortune

From the Chicago Sunday Tribune
Published October 19, 1924
Havre, France
Chicago, Illinois
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
New York, New York
Worchester, Massachusetts

A woman shot and wounds her third husband with a shotgun, allegedly because she wanted to remarry her second husband whom she married when he was just 16-years-old.

A man who lost $20,000 (over $282,000 in 2017’s economy) seemingly shot himself in chest before his body fell into a lake where it was later retrieved.

A man was found decapitated and carefully covered with silk bedsheets. Several suspects were considered including Black Handers (extortion gangs that were the precursor of the Mafia), bootleggers, or two young women.

A group of thieves stole cases of Bibles and holy pictures, later abandoning the loot but retaining the cases.

A mob of 800 attacked a group of 10,000 KKK klansmen, throwing rocks at their cars and beating them.

A 70-year-old man, tired of living, committed suicide by slicing his wrist.

A blind wife accidentally set her clothing on fire while cooking. Her husband was an invalid and thus was unable to assist. A customer in the couple’s cigar store extinguished the flames with his coat, but at the time the article was written the wife’s condition appeared to be fatal.

A man is accidentally shot when he watched two young men fight over the affections of a 13-year-old girl.

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