October 18, 2011
Cross River, New York
Sam Friedlander beats his wife Amy to death, shoots their children Molly (10) and Gregory (8), and kills himself

Before the murder-suicide, Sam and Amy had been in the middle of a bitter divorce. Sam’s friends stated Sam had alleged Amy was trying to use the children against him. They also said Amy had a habit of berating Sam in front of their children and of being critical of Sam in general.

However, Amy’s father reported Sam had abused both Amy and her mother, had taken “inappropriate” pictures of Molly including “naked parts of her anatomy,” and alleged that he forced Amy to terminate her pregnancy with their third child because he was “too old” to have another child. Sam also allegedly told Amy to “get over it” when she had physical and emotional difficulties following the abortion.

Around midnight on October 18, Sam beat Amy to death with a chair leg to the point that she was unrecognizable. He then shot both children in the abdomen with a 12-gauge shotgun as they slept and pulled blankets over their “basically blown away in half” bodies before going to the basement to shoot himself. No suicide note was left so the exact motive behind the murders and suicide is left to conjecture.

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