October 18, 2009
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Teacher Evandro João da Silva is murdered

Da Silva had coordinated a group called Afro Reggae, a project designed to help kids learn music and kindness rather than violence in the areas afflicted by poverty.

On October 18, da Silva was shot during a mugging. A closed circuit television recording captured two men throwing da Silva to the ground before shooting him and taking his jacket. Police allegedly assumed da Silva to be a beggar and caught the fleeing killers to regain da Silva’s possessions. The officers put the stolen goods in their car, released the killers, and drove off to leave da Silva to die. Another officer found da Silva’s body after he had died and an internal investigation was launched against the officers who left him.

According to a 2009 article by The Rio Times, one of the only English-language sources to report da Silva’s murder, one of the shooting suspects and both police officers who failed to assist da Silva were awaiting trials. I could find no additional information at this time.

The child pictured crying is Diego Frazão Torquato, a violinist and reportedly the star of the string orchestra. Sadly, Diego died months after this picture on April 1, 2010 after losing a battle with leukemia.

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