Germany · Indiana · New York · Newspaper clippings

Newspaper clippings: a “detective” appears to have actually been a hitman; woman rises in coffin; robbery victim survives Niagara fall

From the Chicago Daily Tribune
Published October 17, 1928
South Bend, Indiana
Berlin, Germany
Buffalo, New York

First article: a woman named Mrs. Rhyer hires a detective to persuade her husband’s mistress, Mrs. Stultz, to leave the couple alone. Allegedly, the detective informed Mrs. Rhyer Stultz would no longer be an issue, a statement which was forgotten until the mistress’s body was discovered, potentially bludgeoned with a nearby automobile wrench. Stultz’s sister also told investigators Stultz had been threatened by the KKK.

Second article: a 98-year-old German woman who was thought to be dead awoke at her wake who was less than pleased at her situation.

Third article: a group of robbers attempt to kill one of their victims by throwing him into the Niagara River in hopes the Falls will dispatch of him. The would-be victim was able to save his own life by swimming to safety.

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