Disasters · England

London beer flood

October 17, 1814
St. Giles, London, England
A vat of beer ruptures, killing at least 8

A beer vat at the Meux and Company Brewery ruptured, sending 135,000 imperial gallons (161,000 US gallons or 610,000 liters) of beer flowing. The wave caused a domino-effect with other beer vats, releasing a total of 323,000 imperial gallons (388,000 US gallons or 1,470,000 liters) into the neighboring areas.

One killed was a teenaged pub employee named Eleanor Cooper, killed when the beer wave crumbled the pub’s wall and crushing her with rubble. A wave also killed 5 people gathered nearby for a wake. Of the 8 people confirmed killed by the beer flood, 3 were children: Hannah Bamfield (4), Sarah Bates (3), and Thomas Mulvey (3).

The cause of the rupture is unknown, though it was officially ruled an Act of God and none were held accountable for the accident.

(Image from a 2012 Doctor Who comic)

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