Massachusetts · Religion

The first sacrifice of the Fall River “Satanists”

October 13, 1979
Fall River, Massachusetts
The mutilated body of Doreen Levesque (17) is found

Levesque, a teenage runaway, had apparently turned to prostitution to make ends meet. She fell in with a pimp named Carl Drew (pictured) who had begun dabbling in occult practices and fancied himself a Satanist.

Levesque became the group’s first of three sacrifices, her hands bound with fishing wire and she suffered some sort of sexual torture. She was stabbed several times in the head and coroners determined she been stoned, possibly ritualistically. During Drew’s trial it was revealed that her stoning was indeed a ritual sacrifice. Three months after Levesque’s body was found, another prostitute named Barbara Raposa (22) was found. She had been similarly murdered by stoning with her hands tied behind her back.

One of the cult members, Karen Marsden (20), became increasingly repulsed by Drew’s actions. Though she went into hiding, she was eventually tracked down and sacrificed as well on February 8, 1980. She was tortured, her hair and fingernails ripped out. She was beaten with stones before Drew snapped her neck with his hands. To ensure she was dead, another cult member, Robin Murphy, was instructed to slit her throat. Marsden’s head was then severed and kicked around “like a football.” Her fingers were removed to steal her rings, an X was carved into her chest, and Drew raped her headless corpse before it was discarded.

Before Marsden’s skull was recovered (the rest of her remains were never found), Murphy, distressed by the murders, quickly fingered him for Marsden’s murder. She agreed to plead guilty to her role in the murders and turned state’s evidence in exchange for a life sentence. Drew was convicted of the murder of Marsden and was also given a life sentence without the possibility of parole on top of a separate conviction for assaulting a prostitute for which he was given a 10 year sentence. Cult member Andre Maltais received a life term for the murder of Raposa. Due to a lack of evidence, no one has been charged with the murder of Levesque at this time.

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