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Fatal police brutality (1872)

From the Chicago Daily Tribune Published October 12, 1872 Two police officers were suspected of beating an inebriated man, rupturing a blood vessel in the man's abdomen. He bled out so profusely his mattress was soaked in blood. I could find no other mention of the case, so it can't be determined if the officers… Continue reading Fatal police brutality (1872)

England · Religion

Happy birthday, Aleister Crowley

October 12, 1875 Warwickshire, England Famed occultist Aleister Crowley is born Crowley, named "The Wickedest Man in the World" by the British press, founded the religious philosophy Thelema which holds the rule "do as thou wilt." He drew from many religions and spiritualities to form his philosophy, including Buddhism, alchemy, Kabbalah, and scientific naturalism, and… Continue reading Happy birthday, Aleister Crowley