George Dolinski
October 11, 1901
Chicago, Illinois

“I am not guilty of the murder of that man. I am dead today for the crime of which I am innocent. God help me. God help me.”

Dolinski was hanged for the murder of his brother-in-law. Dolinski had allegedly become infatuated with his wife’s sister and, to get closer to her, had sent his wife to their native Poland to visit family. While she was away, he and his brother-in-law, Anton Lisle (alternatively appealed Lizl), walked through a field. Dolinski shot Lisle from behind but failed to kill him. A struggle broke out between the men ending with Dolinski cutting Lisle’s throat from ear to ear nearly severing his head, shredding his face, and shooting him 3 more times. At first, Dolinski claimed the killing was in self defense after Lisle attacked him following an argument over money. Dolinski later changed his claim to state he didn’t kill Lisle at all. Though he was granted a stay of execution by the governor, Dolinski was still hanged for murder.

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