Family mysteriously disappears

October 8, 2009
Red Oak, Oklahoma
Bobby Dale, Sherilyn Leighann, and Madyson Stormy Star Jamison (6, pictured) disappear

The Jamisons had gone to the mountains to look at a 40 acre plot of land they considered purchasing. Eight days later, their abandoned, locked pick-up truck was discovered. In it were the couple’s cell phones, $32,000 in cash, the truck’s keys, their GPS, and Madyson’s dog Maisy who was near-death. No other trace of the Jamisons could be found.

The theories of the Jamisons’ disappearances varied greatly. One suggested they had been possessed by demons, which had become speculation after Bobby had told his pastor he and his family had seen ghosts in their home and had consulted the “Satanic Bible” to get rid the spirits. Another claims Sherilyn had painted love messages over occult symbols on an abandoned car which evoked the wrath of local devil worshippers. Others included a drug deal gone bad, a murder-suicide, the family got lost and died accidentally, they had faked their own deaths, they were in witness protection, they were murdered by white supremacists, or a family grudge associated with the Mexican mafia. A photo found on one of the Jamisons’ cell phones (pictured), taken the day before their disappearance, shows Madyson in what relatives believe to be a distressed state and is believed to have been taken by someone other than her parents, and some believe it was taken by her killer.

Four years after their disappearances, and less than 3 miles from the abandoned truck, hunters found the skeletal remains of 2 adults and a child. Eight months later, Forensic anthropologists positively identified the remains as those of the Jamisons. As their remains had decomposed and no obvious signs of injury were present, no cause of death could be determined. The reasons why the Jamisons died remains a mystery.

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