Today in Horror History

Horror History — Mr. Sardonicus 

Released October 8, 1961 Mr. Sardonicus involves a man whose face is permanently set in a grotesque grin after attempting to rib his father's grave. One of William Castle's many gimmick films, audience members were given glow in the dark card to decide the titular character's fate. A thumbs up was a vote for mercy,… Continue reading Horror History — Mr. Sardonicus 


Family mysteriously disappears

October 8, 2009 Red Oak, Oklahoma Bobby Dale, Sherilyn Leighann, and Madyson Stormy Star Jamison (6, pictured) disappear The Jamisons had gone to the mountains to look at a 40 acre plot of land they considered purchasing. Eight days later, their abandoned, locked pick-up truck was discovered. In it were the couple's cell phones, $32,000… Continue reading Family mysteriously disappears